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Name:  Oily Jack Safarick Jr

E-mail:  oilyjax1@gmail.com
Location:  Austin, Texas
Birthday:  27 August, 1957
Bio:  Well lets see, I was born in Genado Texas, my folks moved to Austin when I was two years old I believe. I went to elementary, Jr high and high school in Austin. I didn't finish school but wound up going to work on an oil rig in Alaska on my eighteenth birthday for Parker drilling company. I spent over four years in Alaska but returned to Texas when Parker ran out of work there in Alaska. I had traveled to East Texas and was sitting in a bar having a beer when I met a gentleman there. We got to talking and the subject of the oil field came up and he learned that I had worked in Alaska on land rigs. He asked if I was looking for work and I said yes. When he found out what I could do on the rigs he hired me right there in the bar. The next week I was in Louisiana filling out the paperwork, taking the physical and the following week I was heading out to the Gulf of Mexico to work on my first off shore drilling rig. I went to work on a Jack up rig named the Randolph Yost, working for Reading and Bates drilling company as a roughneck, (floor hand). I spent twenty seven years with that company and worked my way up the ladder for them. I worked floors, derricks, was a pumpman then a motorman then a mechanic for many years, when got promoted to a mechanical supervisor. That was totally cool being responsible for a multi million dollar piece of equipment. Finally worked my way onto a drill ship, and let me tell you, that is an unbelievable place to work as it brings even more machinery into play to work on. There was nothing on a drilling rig or a ship that I could not repair. And that was everything from a toilet right on up to the rig itself. I was involved in building new rigs and got to travel the world both building and working on drilling rigs. Oh yeah and when I had got back home to Texas after leaving Alaska I had bought my first old Harley Davidson motorcycle. And that is how I earned the handle of Oily Jack. Working the oil patch and riding leaky old Harley's. So I reckon I came by the name honestly, And ya know, there's only one Oily Jack and that will be me.
Interests:  I have had many interests in life. I have sang a bit, played drums for a while, built motorcycles, models and am pretty damned good at that if I say so myself. I have tried my hand at painting though I'm no Van Gouge. And I write poetry. The first poem I ever wrote was In The Wind, and that one is published. I am currently working on enough poems to have a complete book of my poetry published. I have done many things in my life, built houses, drilling rigs,motorcycles and models. Of course an interest in women as I have three beautiful children. But ya know my main interest now is Buddhism. Nichiren Daishonin's teachings. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo that's the way we all really should go. Hell I even wrote a poem, Buddha Way, cause ya know, it's the way to live. alright I'll have to get back to my interests at a later date. Y'all have a good one out there. April 14, 2009 Hello everyone, I hope that this finds you all in good spirits. Well I have to tell you that something really fine has happened to me since the last I was here. I got some new neighbors and they are a very fine couple of folks. In meeting them and becoming part of each other's live's led to something I never would have dreamed. Her name is Randi Turkin and his name is Sydney Powers and they are some wonderful people. Well the thing is that Randi and friends were putting on a show here in Austin and when I found out about it I told her I'd write a poem for the show. She liked what I wrote enough to ask me to write for the entire show and even be in the show with her and an absolutely wonderful bunch of folks. Her and another beautiful little lady Amanda Oakley have a dance company, Release Motion Dance Project and the show the "Circumstantial Playground" was a wonderful thing to not only write for but be in. It is a mutimedia show with live music performed by a very talented and wonderful group of folks. The band is the Nearly Normal and they are absolutely wonderful, Kai, Jamie, Maggie, Stoney, Eben, Boss, and Adam, You rule, thank you. There was another beautiful lady doing paintings on stage, Brittany Dennett is her name. Her paintings are almost as beautiful as she is. The production Manager, Scott Braudt, was most excellent in seeing that every song, dance and poem was brought out in the very best that it could have been. Thank you Scott. Brother Sydney thank you for a wonderful Set to work with and on. Well, the fact of the matter is each and every one of the folks that are in or had anything to do with the show are beautiful and wonderful and I love them all. We all got to play in a circumstantial playground and had a helluva lot of fun doing it. Thank you all. My Buddhist practice grows stronger and stronger each and every day and I firmly believe my chanting Nam myoho renge kyo is what helped to put me on stage with the finest bunch of people I have ever known in my life. Okay I've rambled on enough, time to get back to work. Good evening to everyone out there, Stay safe.
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